Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Last time we talked about JOLLY PUMPKIN BREWING in this space we were mea culpa-ing all over the place about how we’d maybe misjudged their beers in the past, and how special and unique and consistent they all were. Such praise holds true for the most part with the big bottle of “FUEGO DEL OTONO” we consumed the other day. This means “Autumn Fire”, for what it’s worth. You’re thinking a dry, zesty, chili pepper pumpkin ale, right? I think not.

Fuego Del Otono is a “spiced ale brewed with chestnuts”. It has Jolly Pumpkin’s typical dry taste, is super opaque, and actually looks like a light cherry ale sitting there in the glass. Man, am I glad it’s not. The beer is highly carbonated, and has a ton of zest and malt in the aftertaste. Yeasts are heavy as well, in the quote-unquote Belgian tradition, and I’m even getting a mild “funk” over here. It could even be considered a sour ale, particularly as it warms. Alcohol clocks in at 6.1%. I really can’t quite come out and call it amazing, but would “well constructed” and a 7/10 score give you the gumption to maybe try it out?

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