Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hello there folks, sorry if it's been a week since I rapped at ya - not for lack of wanting to, believe you me. I kept myself busy during the 7-day interregnum drinking this "WHEAT WACKER" from BLACK DIAMOND BREWING from out Walnut Creek way, in the area we West Bay types like to call the "deep East Bay" up here in Northern California. At one point in our lives, Beer Samizdat actually worked out in Walnut Creek for a couple of years, and once visited the Black Diamond gang for some happy hour libations. I don't remember any tastebud fireworks going off, but it was also in that sort of post-microbrew, pre-craft beer "quiet period" that engulfed the beer world from about 1998 to 2005.

Anyway, I saw this bottle on the shelf and my drink-local sensibilities kicked in. A very respectable effort it is across the board. WHEAT WACKER is an "India-Style Wheat" - hello, you had me at India. There's no head on it at all, and it has a bit of an eerie glow. Then you drink the thing. It's dry-hopped and yeasty, with a little spice in the backbite. Nice! It's advertised as Belgiany, and you know what, damn if it isn't. A Belgian india-style wheat ale with spices. And it tastes pretty good. Let there be rejoicing in the streets of leafy-green suburban Walnut Creek. 7/10.

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