Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Remember where you were the first time you had a CAPTAIN LAWRENCE BREWING beer? I do. I bought a St. Vincent's Dubbel at the Spuyten Duyvil Grocery in Brooklyn, having never before heard of the brewer, only because the friendly "grocer" in this tiny beer store told me that they were one of New York's great ones. Or maybe a friend had told me to look for it. Jeez, I don't remember. I loved it, though - and then I loved their Imperial IPA even more than that, as well as a handful of other beers that knocked my socks off my ass. I got to traveling to NYC so much for work that I was getting more familiar with Captain Lawrence and Southern Tier beers than I was my own local stuff. Then the traveling stopped, and until this beer, I hadn't had a Cap'n L in well over a year.

This one's called GOLDEN DELICIOUS. It's a tripel aged in apple brandy barrels, and it's one of their seasonals that I reckon doesn't get around all that much. It may not be at the holy level of some of their other great beers, but their consistency in pumping out well-crafted, unique and delicious beers is matched only by a number of brewers I can count on my hands. This one pours a nice opaque orange, and is very high in carbonation. It has a little head of foam that disappeared very quickly. I definitely am tasting that apple; or to be more precise, apple skin. I think it's less a classic, yeasty Belgian tripel and more of a Belgian golden ale - a style classification that lets it be whatever the hell it wants to be. What it is is good, and well worth a try. 7.5/10.

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Beer Rover said...

Artisanal in Manhattan, had Captain Lawrence's pale ale, which I liked.