Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Well, I think it’s fair to say after this beer that America has a “gypsy brewer” every bit the equal of Denmark’s MIKKELLER in Maryland’s STILLWATER ARTISINAL ALES. After all, for all the incredible beers I’ve had from Mikkeller – indeed, one of my favorite brewers on god’s greenery – I’ve never rated one 10/10. Yet DEBAUCHED (Import Series Vol. 5) from STILLWATER hits the hallowed number, and is one of the finest saisons in all of creation. I almost feel bad talking about it, because from what I understand it was brewed and bottled once. I guess we’ll all have to savor the moment – me, the one in which I drank it, and you, the one in which you read about it. OMG LOL!

The guy who sent me this not-quite-a-bomber bottle even left the price tag on it (gauche!) - $14.99. So they knew they had a live one here. Most Stillwaters don’t cost quite that much. They call it a “Scandinavian farmhouse ale” – ain’t that something? It comes out of the bottle with a huge head of foam, which you can see pictured here, and it shines a nearly opaque golden. The yeasts on this are just incredible. Big, juicy and dry, they combine with a thick malts to coat the tongue. Taste-wise, we’re talking grapefruit, a generalized sort of citrus, and grain. It smells yeasty but steers clear of the funk, and at 6.7%, you’ll still be able to hit the freeway hard and drive 80mph afterward (kidding, folks!). I thought this one might be good, but it flat-out blew me away. 10/10.

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Mark said...

I may need to make a trip to Maryland to pick some of this stuff up (looks like my favorite liquor store, just on the border, has it in stock). That sounds like my ideal vision of a saison.