Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Got the idea somewhere, perhaps from the bottle (!?), that this beer from the highfalutin’-ly named STILLWATER ARTISINAL ALES was a Belgian IPA. A yeasty, hoppy mix of Old World and New. Well, it is indeed that – but I flat-out call this a tripel and I dare you to defy me. The fellas at Beer Advocate agree with me. Did it really say on the bottle this was one of those Belgian IPAs? I’m confused, as always.

So STILLWATER, this guy Brian something-or-other – he’s an “itinerant brewer”. Meaning there’s no Stillwater brewhouse for you to go visit and beg for sample pours. He does his work on other people’s property (OPP), and until his RULE OF THIRDS, I wasn’t really captivated by what he was coming out with. But this one’s great. This citrusy tripel is carbonated heavily and dosed with hops. Yes, you taste grapefruit like all get-out, but not that hoppy, resiny kind found in the IPA. Rule of Thirds is really full-bodied and has a ton of flavor. Creamy, with a slight degree of bitterness, offset by honey in the finish. Yeah-hup! We dig it! 7.5/10.

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Barleywhiner said...

We just started getting Stillwater in KC. I really liked the Cellar Door. Some of the others, like Existent were interesting. Hope this one makes to us.