Saturday, January 28, 2012


You guys ever hear of SIXPOINT CRAFT ALES? Well, if you were living in Brooklyn you would have. I've had some pretty decent encounters with their beers on my work travels to New York City the past several years, travels which seemingly have withered, leaving me high & dry and out of the loop on the NYC beer scene. I traded beers with one of "Manhattan's Top 100 up-and-coming authors of comedic semi-autobiographical fiction, 2011", Aaron Goldfarb, and ended up with a tall boy can of SIXPOINT AUTUMNATION on my recipient end of the deal.

Not that I'm not totally appreciative of this Fall 2011 can o' autumn that I consumed at January's last blush (i.e. tonight), but it just didn't really fall into place for me. The folks at Sixpoint say that this thing's packed with "Ginger, spice, pumpkin and fresh-harvested wet hops". That may very well be, but I'm not sure where they've hidden most of it. What I taste is a lot of malt, and a little bit of pumpkin. It's an ale, but an ale with a lager aftertaste. It doesn't dazzle, nor does it vex. It doesn't soar, nor does it sink. It just is. Perfectly average. 6/10.

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