Friday, January 27, 2012


There was a time when ALPINE BEER COMPANY down San Diego way, now known for creating their godly IPAs Nelson, Duet and Exponential Hoppiness (the latter of which I'm unbelievably sad to say I've never had), once only had the one: PURE HOPPINESS. I used to see raves about it on other blogs, so somehow I shoehorned my sister into buying me some & hauling it up to San Francisco for me. I thought it was decent enough, I 'spose, but then again, I was sort of a knucklehead back then. In 2007. Not quite five years ago. Much smarter now. Yep.

Now that Craig and the gang over at City Beer Store have some sort of a line into the Alpine folks, all I needed to do was walk into the store and buy me another Pure Hoppiness. (I bought a Nelson, too, and it was fantastic). This time I'm upping my score. You know, this one's different than the other big IPAs. It's a malty, hoppy (duh) orange ale with really, really good balance. It's dry hopped, and it tastes it. What might come off as chalky in lesser beers does not with this one - just dry and yet "fruitful" at the same time. It's 8% ABV, about par for the course when you're out stalking the big IPAs. I really enjoyed my second session with this one and hope you'll join me in seeking out this organization's IPAs wherever you can find them, Rumor has it they make other beers as well! 8/10.


Chris said...

Pure Hoppiness is my favorite IPA. Probably favorite beer. By the way, Exponential Hoppiness was released today. Maybe you can shoehorn your sister to find a bottle or two. You won't regret it.

Derrick Peterman said...

I seek out anything from Alpine whenever I'm in San Diego. They're quite underrated.