Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Rare is the day that Beer Samizdat goes out of its way to buy a raspberry lambic and consume it at home. Yet on Christmas Day I was over on Twitter, and the usual gang of microbrew alcoholics were constantly pumping each other with “Whadder you drinking today??”, “What’s your Christmas beer??” and so on. Do I really need a Christmas beer? Isn’t it enough to celebrate Jesus’s big birthday sober? But man, that peer pressure was killing me. I needed a Christmas beer. So I chose this fruity, juicy lambic sitting in my beer fridge just to get it over with.

OUD BEERSEL FRAMBOISE is, in case you’re still scratching your head over the “open” there, is a raspberry lambic from Belgium. The “Brouwerij” is called OUD BEERSEL. And this is their framboise. It is lightly tart, with a huge raspberry aromna. Mostly, though, it is very sweet with a light yeasty taste. You could probably fool an 8-year-old into slamming one of these down by calling it fruit juice. There’s some fizziness on the swallow, and just juiciness all around. I wonder about it in the bottle; my take is that I’d love to get it on draft at a Belgian café – or I guess I’d settle for a Belgian-style café. Let’s call it a 7/10 and see if you’ve got a significantly better lambic you’d like to recommend.

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