Thursday, January 12, 2012


Meat beer? Well that’d be our friends at BRAUEREI HELLER-TRUM / SCHLENKERLA, better known around the world as the Bamburg-based Germans responsible for the various AECHT SCHLENKERLA rauchbiers, or smoked beers. We call ‘em meat beers here because that’s what our pal Carrie called her first glass of one, and goshdarn it, they really do smell and taste like a slab of bacon sometimes. Every one of their beers, no matter the style, is smoked and run through a process that’s unique to their town and wonderful to behold. I’d never tried the dopplebock, AECHT SCHLENKERLA EICHE, so gave that one a try this week.

Now this doppelbock, weighing in at 8% ABV, had a far thinner body than I expected, and no head to speak of. What wasn’t missing was that great smoke flavor, redolent of gamey meats and light caramel. The hops are more present in this than their other beers and are very well-rounded. The whole thing is a nice mellow, rounded, earthy sort of feel. It doesn’t pound you over the head with carnivorous carnality the way the more-famous and more widely-distributed MARZEN or URBOCK do. I love the idea gathered from articles I’ve read of an entire town (Bamburg) justifiably proud of being the center of the smoked-beer universe, and if you want to get a dose of what they’re drinking on a weekly basis, this is a fine one to get down yr gullet. 7.5/10.

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Barleywhiner said...

Keep hoping this one will show up in my part of the country (Kansas City). No luck so far.