Monday, January 23, 2012


Nice week of interviews last week, wasn’t it? Now let’s get back to drinking some beer and pontificating about it, shall we? I’ve been imbibing ales from 21ST AMENDMENT BREWERY for many of year now, and I’d still call them San Francisco’s finest brewery and definitely in the upper third of American brewers as a whole. After a rocky early-in-life start with Watermelon Wheat and whatever they used to call that mediocre IPA they canned (and still can, under the “Brew Free or Die!” name), they’ve taken some bold leaps into flavorful, experimental and downright excellent beers that they maybe weren’t messing with before. Last year’s ALLIES WIN THE WAR was one. FIRESIDE CHAT is another.

Folks, I don’t know how you’d be expected to know this, but FIRESIDE CHAT is 21st AMENDMENT’s holiday beer. A true winter warmer, this one – a spiced ale that’s just absolutely bursting with flavor. It’s dark and creamy, with a mouthfeel that goes on for days. I can taste dark fruits, nutmeg, clove and lots of yeast in the Belgian tradition. Hey, that’s gingerbread! I swear it! Fireside Chat brings the heat, sorta, at 7.9% alcohol – and all this goodness right out of a can. Winter beer of the year? I daresay it is so. 9/10.

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