Wednesday, December 28, 2011


As mentioned previously, I was in Seattle for work a few weeks ago & made a couple of different stops at beer establishments in an effort to turn a work trip into a beercation. One such jaunt was to the downtown Seattle home of THE PIKE BREWING COMPANY, a longtime brewer in this area and one I’ve tended to sorta take for granted, even when I lived there in 1997-1999. While I had dined there before back then, I completely forgot what an amazing place it is. Not only is it located inside the Pike Place Market, which is probably my favorite non-tourist tourist attraction in America, but it’s an onslaught of beer memorabilia, arcana and ephemera in every corner: walls, glass cases, dining booths and even the bathroom. These guys have been collecting everything beer-related for years, and rather than spend that effort self-promoting, they’ve established a shrine to beer drinking in and of itself. For that reason alone, you have to check this place out when next in Seattle.

There’s another reason to come here as well, and it’s called the PIKE BREWING “DRY WIT”. I had three of these during my Seattle stay, and I’d gladly have another one right now. It might just be my “session beer” of the year: a 5% alcohol, fruity and dry witbier in the classic Belgian tradition. It’s brewed with spices and dried orange peel, and they’ve really got it down to a science – a more classic and delicious witbier I have not had. Sometimes beers like this go right under everyone’s nose while we’re out stalking the big ones, but I implore you to track this down, bottled or draft. 8.5/10.

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