Thursday, December 8, 2011


I’ve been fortunate enough to partake in each year of THE BRUERY’s holiday ales, each one themed upon the key lines in the “Twelve Days of Christmas” song that I’d prefer to never hear again. (Amazing how I am able to tune out Christmas crap this time of year – what once to annoy the hell out of me is barely noticeable anymore, thanks to online buying, avoidance of malls and, oh, the fact that my wife & son are Jewish). I decided to check the rankings I bestowed upon the previous three Bruery Xmas beers on my other blogs, beers which I remembered to be quite good or even amazing. I was wrong. Here's what I found:

2009 "TWO TURTLE DOVES": 8.5/10
2010 "THREE FRENCH HENS": 7.5/10

Only one real ringer in the bunch, the "Two Turtle Doves" from a couple of years ago. So I'm happy to report that these guys outdid themselves this year, with "4 CALLING BIRDS". Unlike some of the other iterations, this one could be said to really be a true "Christmas beer". Whatever that means. My notes call it a "classic", It's malty and a little spicy, and no doubt a bit sweet n' boozy. Ginger, nutmeg/cinnamon and a fairly high degree of carbonation that helps to tamp down both the booze and the spice. It's a very malty brown mouth-pleaser that totally gave me the Christmas feelin'. I'm hearing that others don't like this one quite as much, but you know whom you need to trust when it comes to beer rankings, am I right? 9/10.

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Scott-TheBrewClub said...

Good to hear you liked it. I have a bottle of this that I'll open shortly, I've read quite a few people saying it wasn't that impressive though.