Monday, December 5, 2011


As I understand it, the fellas behind ALMANAC BEER CO. are going to adhere to a schedule that has them releasing a barrel-aged beer, following by something a little more fresh, followed by a barrel-aged, and so on. Something old, something new. Since - as you may know - they started their endeavors with "Summer 2010 Vintage" and received many a rave, including from us, as a result, they're now bottling and pouring a beer only put together this past summer, "AUTUMN 2011 FARMHOUSE PALE". And let me be among the first to tell ya, it's pretty goshdarned good.

Since it's brewed to be enjoyed fresh, I did just that a week ago. It's only been out since November 16th. The dominant ingredient is plums - thousands of 'em, all taken from a local farm in the San Francisco Bay Area. You do certainly taste them, and they add a fruity, semi-tart chewiness to what is essentially a Belgian-style farmhouse ale. The yeasts are crackling and tingling, and the beer overall is very carbonated and effervescent. After my half of the bottle I proclaimed it to be most excellent, and just a baby's breath below the Summer 2010 Vintage. I've since talked with a beer conoisseur who tells me that I'm full of it, and that this blows last year's away. I suggest you grab a bottle of this one and tell me what you think. 7.5/10.

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