Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Even on a bad day, RUSSIAN RIVER BREWING's Belgian-style golden ale "DAMNATION" is one of the finest beers on the planet. So what about when it's a good day, like yesterday was, and I'm drinking "DAMNATION, BATCH 23" - the limited edition, barrel-aged version of Damnation? Stars align, skies clear and the world looks pretty goddamn great. And I've got a little bit of a buzz-on.

DAMNATION, BATCH 23 looks to be a semi-yearly phenomenon now, as this is at least the third time it's come out. Where Damnation is a yeasty, Belgian-flush tripel or golden ale, it gains a somewhat different character once it's been aged in barrels. For starters, the alcohol is kicked up from 7% to nearly 11%. The citrus characteristics are even more present, and a buttery quality shine through. It's a golden orange ale that does indeed taste of yeasts and oakiness, with a lot of tang and a little sourness on the aftertaste. That's where you'll get the oak chip taste as well. Really phenomenal piece 'o work by the beer-brewing maestros of Sonoma County. 9/10.

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Beer Rover said...

Agree. An amazing beer.