Thursday, November 17, 2011


Five years ago, at the dawn of beer blogging – well, at the dawn of my beer blog – I pronounced MOYLAN’S HOPSICKLE, a “Triple IPA”, to be the best IPA on god’s green earth. Of course I barely knew what I was talking about, but I absolutely loved this beer. It’s made “just up the road” from San Francisco, where I live, in a Marin County town called Novato. Then I had some more of them, and the judgment held. Then some more. Still unbeatable. Then I sorta forgot about it, found new winners like Southern Tier Gemini to spew great hyperbole over, and then – bang – it was late 2011.

Well, HOPSICKLE has been here all along. Want to know something? I bought a bottle a couple of weeks ago, unleashed it for dinner, and it totally blew my mind all over again. It’s as good a beer as I’ll ever have, really and truly. I don’t know why I’m not drinking this thing once a month, and perhaps I shall. It is a creamy, warm and delicious IPA – it may even be a “triple”, I don’t know. It certainly is hoppy, and those hops give off the most flavor-punched dose of citrus and grapefruit possible, I’m convinced. Every time I have an inferior IPA, which will be just about every time I have an IPA, I’ll remember what it tastes like to drink this beer, and how I didn’t want it to be gone. Even the younger me knew what was what on this one. 10/10.

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