Thursday, November 24, 2011


You've likely seen this one around for many a year, as I have. It's a Belgian ale that's been advertised, promoted and talked about for as long as I've been drinking beer and then quite a bit longer than that. GULDEN DRAAK has been on my "list" of beers I need to get around to trying, if only to check the box and to make sure that I'm not missing some Rochefort or Westvleteren-level Belgian knockout beer that I otherwise could have been imbibing all these years. As it turns out - uh - no.

GULDEN DRAAK comes in the white-coated glass bottle you see pictured here. It pours a dark red malty color, with lots of lacing on the glass. So far, not so shabby. Wow, that's a sweet beer. It tastes like caramel-covered nuts doused with sugar, or sweet breads - not the meat kind, but the glutenous kind. Overly sweet. Despite the presence of some great maltiness and lots of flavor, it's off-balance and really for you sugar lovers more than anyone else. Not one of the great Belgians by any stretch of the imagination. 6/10.

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