Thursday, November 10, 2011


Did DRAKES get a grant or an endowment or something? Because this San Leandro, CA brewer has been pumping out new beers something fierce lately. This one’s brewed for a somewhat fishy cause, depending on how much of a curmudgeon you are – “all proceeds of this beer will go to a scholarship for a woman to get the education necessary to have a career in the brewing industry”. Right, is there a giant glass ceiling in the dynamic, exploding craft beer industry right now that’s keeping little ladies under its oppressive thumb? (Not to mix metaphors or anything). I highly doubt it. Women are flocking into high-end beer as never before – I see it all around me, and I’m sure you do too. And it’s a great thing. But whatever, it’s not a flat-out bad cause, right? I guess I’d choose my charity to go to a clientele that’s perhaps a little bit more disadvantaged – but that’s me.

PINK BOOTS SAISON is a sourish, fruity, yeast-laden saison. It is way further on the “banyard” spectrum than most American-made saisons – so hats off to DRAKES for getting so much of Belgium shoehorned into this one. I had it on draft at the Pi Bar in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago, and I reckon it was okay. It was dry, more sour than sweet, and had a pretty big kick for a 6% ABV beer. Over here at Beer Samizdat we can take it or leave it. 6/10.

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