Friday, November 11, 2011


I had one big beer left from a trade with an NYC-based friend in my garage fridge, and it was this one. CIGAR CITY “BOLITA”, a double brown ale from Tampa, Florida – and from one of my favorite brewers going. Thanks to trades and travel, I feel like I’ve now had close to a half-dozen Cigar City beers, and every one of ‘em is inventive, bold and delicious; all in varying degrees of course. This beer has a big long story on its label, all of which I’ve forgotten now – something about humidors and hot nights and country music and how good this would taste with baklava. To quote from my favorite Australian comedy “Summer Heights High” – “that’s so random”. 
It’s rare that you’ll see the brown ale given the “double” treatment, and more rare still that it’s 9% on the ABV meter. But “BOLITA” is. In fact, CIGAR CITY makes this in all sorts of barrel-aged and infused versions; the one you see here is “just” the basic bottled version of the ale. Well, to me it tastes very much like a malty, molasses-dominated quadrupel. It is big, meaty, nutty and super malted up – and also quite sweet. Tons of lacing was left on the glass. What’s the supposed to mean again? Freshness? I dunno, something like that. I quite enjoyed it through and through. So stylistically out in its own cornfield – which is not a surprise at all coming from these guys. Beer Samizdat calls it a 7.5/10.

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