Wednesday, November 30, 2011


THE BRUERY's one of my two favorite brewers on the globe. DOGFISH HEAD are up there too. Japan's a country that I've been to, loved, and that experienced some pretty awful tragedy this past year. So it's nice to see these two world-class makers of beer team up for Japanese earthquake relief and collaborate to create an experimental beer for said cause - "FASTER BIGGER BETTER BOLDER". I grabbed a 750ml bottle the second I saw it because, you know, I wanted to help the cause. It also was brewed in "limited quantities". But mostly it was about that cause, right?

FASTER BIGGER BETTER BOLDER is a zesty, nearly tripel-like golden ale. It's cloudy and nearly white in the glass. You can, in fact, taste the kumquats that are announced prominently on the bottle. Not sure I would have tagged them as such, but now that you mention it...! There's apparently seaweed, sesame seeds and chili pepper in here as well, but if you told me this was a musty tripel, and that's all, I'd have believed ya. It changes character as it warms and adds a very delicate layer of funk, but only just so. I wanted to get all gung-ho for it but it just wasn't to be. Thanks for helping the good people of Japan, DF Head & Bruery, and maybe next time you can do even better with the beer! 6/10.

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Justin said...

Thanks for giving this collab a try. Have you seen the video?