Friday, November 18, 2011


Packaging seems to be the chief selling point on a whole lot of craft beers these days, and when you combine that with a “winning taste” you’ve got all the makings for a goodtime, getdown, visually alluring beer-drinking experience. I am a medium fan, as opposed to a big fan, of both 21ST AMENDMENT BREWING (San Francisco) and NINKASI BREWING (Oregon). Yet when I caught a gander at their new “ALLIES WIN THE WAR!” collaboration beer, and more importantly at the packaging housing the 4-pack of cans, I couldn’t help but be impressed enough to take one home. It’s on recycled cardboard, with beautiful fonts and a cool old-time newspaper layout. It features the brewers’ heads pasted over the bodies of Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin at the Yalta summit. I wonder who lost the bet and had to be Stalin?

Anyway, it looks great. Something about the recycled eco-friendly cardboard, too – it’s a beautiful design. The can is almost as appealing, and what’s IN the can is fantastic. You thought we morphed into a design blog, didn’t you? ALLIES WIN THE WAR! is a red ale brewed with dates. It is super malty – a rich, nutty ale with light spicing and medium hops. Some citrus and caramel in the overall flavor. Doesn’t really taste like a Belgian ale nor an imperial red – just a phenomenal collaboration ale from two winners. May they remake the world in the image of this beer. 9/10.

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