Wednesday, October 26, 2011


As I was guffawing, carrying on and generally holding court at San Francisco’s PI BAR the other afternoon, I espied a brand new beer from a brewer I hadn’t heard of, always a good thing in my book. What if this is the one? What if these guys are like the new Russian River Brewing or something??? The brewer is called KNEE DEEP BREWING, and they hail from Lincoln, California. I’m pretty sure that’s out near Sacramento way. Now how did I miss these guys? They’ve got a whole stable of bottled beers, seasonals and even an experimental series. They’re well-established, well-distributed and very much on the map. I guess you folks simply never hipped me to ‘em.

The beer I tried is their IPA. It is called HOPSTAR. It’s a 7.5% ABV, vaguely “imperial” IPA that is heavily carbonated, piney and tremendously dry. If I’m going to throw stones, it’s going to be at that dryness, which doesn’t really let up and costs it a bit in the drinkability side of the equation. They claim it delivers a “smooth finish”, and I suppose I can see where they’re coming from. I certainly didn’t have to think about it too much as I was enjoying it. But I shan’t make the call for this one again, given the plethora of IPA choices for the discerning consumer on the proverbial menu board these days. Anyone know how their other ales stack up? 6.5/10.


Derrick said...

They made an awesome Rye Saisan called Rydentity Crisis with Devil's Canyon at the beginning of this year. I thought their Irish Red Ale was pretty solid when I had it at the Santa Rosa Beer Festival in June.

Jay H said...

Good to know – I heard a bunch about that Rydentity Crisis while it was around but hadn’t connected the dots back to Knee Deep.