Monday, October 31, 2011


Remember VALLEY BREWING? There was the fella there, Steve Altimari was his name, and he brewed up some mighty fine beers for the six months or so we got to try ‘em. Then he done skedaddled from Stockton, and lo and behold, he’s now got a new venture going called HIGH WATER BREWING. Now High Water, they’re a little different than other brewers. They don’t believe in graphic design, updating their web site – hell, they don’t even brew beer in their own brewhouse, and instead brew everything over at DRAKE’S in San Leandro, CA. But they do believe, like Steve did at Valley Brewing, in putting forth a quality drinking product for men & women who enjoy a good, hand-crafted beer. Let’s meet a couple of their creations, shall we?

HIGH WATER BREWING – “POM CHERRY BOMB”: Well hello daddy, hello mom. POM CHERRY BOMB is quite the find. It’s a tart Belgian blond with an emphasis on the Belgian – and oh yeah, its key components are pomegranate, cherry juice and Belgian abbey yeast. It’s delicious, and greatly exceeded my expectations. It pours a yellow orange and while extremely carbonated, is refreshing and clean. There’s even a little sediment at the end. Pinch me – am I in San Leandro or Bruges? 8.5/10.

HIGH WATER BREWING – “RETRIBUTION”: Since the Valley Brewing beers that most impressed me were both IPAs – read my review of “IPA” here and “UBERHOPPY” here – I figured that this imperial IPA would also be in that rarefied company. It ain’t quite, but it’s all right. RETRIBUTION has a smallish head of foam but is, as expected, really hoppy from the word go. Citrusy in the aftertaste, with a little bit of chalk dust as well. Aggressive, with “hops forward”. Rare is the imperial IPA that is the opposite, am I right? It’s hard to complain about a night of sports-watching & craft beer – the setting in which I consumed this – but I found this one a little off compared to past efforts. 6.5/10.

I’ll tell you what though – High Water have arrived, and I suggest look past their cookie-cutter, blink-you-missed labels & give these a bottles a gander. These are at least two more bottled IPAs beyond the aforementioned as well.


Bryan Kolesar said...

He participated with a bunch of east-coasters in making SuperFriends at Ithaca, which recently won Silver at GABF in the American-Style Brett Ale category. Glad to hear things are moving along nicely for Steve.

Jenavira13 said...

Get your hands on the No Boundary IPA, never smelled an IPA like that before, also the quality of label goes up.