Friday, October 28, 2011


If it seems like I’ve been drinking a lot of IPA’s of late, it’s because I have. There are more reviews to come on this most important of beer styles beyond this one. I’m constantly chasing the next world-class imperial or single-digit IPA. I want to recapture the magic I get from, say, SOUTHERN TIER “GEMINI” or CAPTAIN LAWRENCE “CAPTAIN'S RESERVE IMPERIAL IPA” or any of the ALPINE BREWING IPAs. Will it be the Bootlegger’s “Knuckle Sandwich” double IPA that I keep reading about? Or the Kern River “Citra DIPA” that sounds so amazing and that I fear I may never taste? I know one thing – it’s certainly not DRAKE’S “AROMA COMA”.

DRAKE’S loves to make big, aggressive IPAs, and sometime they hit it out of the park or at least down the line. DENOGGINIZER, for instance. HOP SALAD’s another. The hoards of beer enthusiasts on Twitter (follow me at @beersamizdat !) were hyping AROMA COMA up big time, but after drinking it, I’m still on my own two feet, breathing regularly and a little bummed-out. It’s super dry and of course super hoppy. It pours a light yellowish-orange and is almost see-through. No murky orange citrus bomb this – it’s a piney, bitter, astringent mouth-dryer. I definitely can dig it when the hops are “punishing” – it fact I can dig that a lot. But balance, baby, balance is the name of the game. This one doesn’t quite have it. I’ll keep looking. 6/10.

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