Thursday, October 27, 2011


The last brewer I expected to start distributing in California this year were the PRETTY THINGS BEER & ALE PROJECT, or “Pretty Things Brewing” to me and you. I pegged these guys, whom I heard about for the first time from Aaron Goldfarb only 18 months ago, as a locals-only thing that one would need to travel to Worcester or Manhasset to grab a bottle or pint from. But they’re here. And oh, we are happy. I got to try several of their beers before they arrived here thanks to trades with Aaron and due to frequent visits to New York City for work. Of the four or so beers I’ve had from them, the quadrupel BABY TREE was my favorite. Now it’s my favorite even more so. Like, my totally favorite beer in the world that’s from Massachusetts.

BABY TREE, which is a 9% ABV quad as I mentioned, is just about perfect. The bottle you see pictured here gave me a chance to contemplate its wonders in more detail than the glass I sucked down in New York last year. It’s a quad made with spices, plums and  a heaping helping of Belgian mystery. The malts are rich and tongue-coating. While you taste the sugars and the essence of prunes and plums, you also are sitting there marveling at how smooooth the whole deal is. It’s dark, yeasty and spicy. It literally figuratively dances off the tongue. I can’t wait to have another one, and I think you need to do what you can to make this Beer Priority #1 if you haven’t had it yet. 10/10.

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bobw said...

the pretty things folks are such great personalities. and their beers have such great personalities, too! i "like" their "american darling" lager. i LOVE everything else!