Thursday, October 13, 2011


It’s nice to see a beer that ends up being exactly what it says it is. This collaboration between the so-called gypsy brewers from Denmark, MIKKELLER, and their brethren from the Texas hill country, JESTER KING BREWERY, is described as a hoppy wheat ale, one that is amazingly only 4.2% alcohol. Why, we haven’t had a beer that impotent since our last Clausthauler. I just learned that this beer’s name, DRINK’IN THE SUNBELT, is a play on another beer that Mikkeller makes called “DRINK’IN THE SUN”, in which they are progressively making versions of the beer with lower and lower alcohol. On the recent interview on the Beer Hear! podcast, the Mikkeller feller talks about how he recently got it down to a tasty 2.4%, and is going for 1.9% in next year’s version. His goal, he claims, is to make a beer so low in alcohol that, if exercising moderately while drinking it, you’ll burn more alcohol calories than you take in, thus making your ability to drink beer completely and totally limitless. Isn’t that truly the dream of us all?

DRINK’IN THE SUNBELT is, as I said, a hoppy wheat beer. Highly carbonated, it’s a citrus-kissed cross between an IPA and a traditional German hefeweizen, minus the bananas and the cloves. Think a not-so-heavy Southern Tier Heavy Weizen. The graphics are all death-metal scary, while the beer is anything but. I found it to be very crisp and super enjoyable, and while I know it’s not particularly representative of the much-hyped JESTER KING’s stable of beers (though I may be sorely mistaken – they’re best known for a brutal imperial stout that I currently have chilling in my beer fridge), I’m glad I get to start small with these guys and go big later. 7.5/10.


Sean said...

I visited Jester King a few weeks back. They will soon have wild yeast versions of all of their beers, plus some brand new ones, although i am not sure whether they will all be bottled.

I thought the packaging on the Black Metal Stout was better than the beer, but the beer is pretty damn good. Try to get your hands on their Wytchmaker IPA. That is my favorite.

You might be interested to see that Jester King takes a quasi-libertarian view when it comes to economic protectionism:

beer mug said...


To tell you the truth, I was really surprised when I read your review. I mean its bottle alone says its a hard beer, but then it's the other way around. I thought it would have a high alcohol content, but it turns out the horned man is drinkable at all.

Judging from the glass, the beer looks refreshing and delicious -- blame it on that lovely foam. For me the bigger the foam, the better tasting it is.

A quick question though, is this available anywhere? or is it just local?

Thank you very much!