Wednesday, September 14, 2011


New to Beer Samizdat, but already thinking we’re stuck in a “beer review” rut? Thinking that maybe you ought to just go read some rube’s drunken postings on Beer Advocate instead? Well, I hear you, and I understand your concerns. When I started this blog waaay back in August, I promised you that we’d interview the best & brightest individuals plucked from the exciting world of full-contact craft beer brewing, writing and obsessing. So far we’ve given you but one interview – Kristin Hennelly at BLUE HERON BREWING – and left you hanging with hopes for more.

Fear not. I have “confirmed” and “committed” agreements from multiple superstars from the crazy world of beer signed up to give you their thoughts on their craft. 4 sets of questions have been mailed out, and far as I know, all 4 might arrive in my email box in the next five minutes. Rest assured that it won’t be all about me drinking beer and regurgitating my findings in the weeks to come.

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