Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Every now and I again I figure it's safe to pull the trigger on a $20 bottle of beer. Special ocassions and all that. I didn't always feel this way. My experiences with said beers usually - but not always - have shown me the superior ingredients and craftsmanship involved in putting one together are evident in the taste, and when balanced out in one's cart with a few amazing $3.99 bargains from Lagunitas, make for a pretty satisfying shopping experience at the end of the proverbial day.

Now I already had a good idea about this ALLAGASH "ODYSSEY" bottle. I had one once before, and knew it was pretty close to masterpiece status. Not all of the highly-priced Allagash beers are, but you know they're not messing around with cheap-o additives nor running shortcuts even when you don't like a particular concoction of theirs. ODYSSEY is a dark, thick, Belgian-style ale aged in oak barrels. My big-deal special ocassion was a Thursday night in which I felt I'd worked sufficiently hard during the day to deserve one of these. If not a revelation, it's certainly a wonder to behold on many levels.

ODYSSEY tastes like you'd better have dropped some coin on it. Creamy, with vanilla foam that lingers both on the lips and on the glass. Toasted wheat and molasses taste, along with roast malts and a general woodniess that comes from the aging. In fact the barrel aging is as apparent in this beer as in any I've ever had, without the harshness that sometimes comes from that and beers like this one with double-digit alcohol content. Like I said, it's really creamy and has a perfect level of carbonation. I felt like every dime I spent went straight into the bill of materials for the next one that some other lucky pierre's gonna get to enjoy. A world-class beer in every way. 9/10.

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Barleywhiner said...

I've got a bottle of Interlude that I hope I like as much as you liked that one. For that kind of money, I want a happy ending!