Friday, September 16, 2011


A few words are enough to have my wallet out and torn to shreds in anticipation. THE BRUERY. Oak-aged. Tripel. Limited edition. All of these and more set the stage for what was going to be a superlative beer-drinking experience as I purchased and brought home THE BRUERY’s “BATCH 300 TRIPEL”, an oak-aged tripel that happened to come to them as part of a contest they threw out at homebrewers. One lad provided the winning recipe and got to brew it with the mad scientists at The Bruery, and I expected it to be a stone-cold whopper.

First of all, this photo above isn’t my photo. It comes from Passion Beer - check out their site here. It was better than the one I took. Secondly, BATCH 300 TRIPEL really fell apart for me from the first taste. I thought I’d be in the company of greatness, but instead I got a mediocre, grainy and heavily carbonated tripel that almost completely lacked that tingling yeast taste that defines the tripel. The oak aging is the dominant taste, but I have to admit, it didn’t add a thing. It’s a thin beer that decidedly lacks balance. It has a buttery flavor that you’d think would hold it together, but instead this thing is the embodiment of harsh and messy for me. And man, I love The Bruery, as I’ve mentioned time and again on this and my other blogs. They just need to keep interlopers out of their brewhouse, is all I’m sayin’. 5.5/10.

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