Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Friend of Beer Samizdat Damian F came over to headquarters the other night clutching a bottle of this THREE FLOYDS “BLACKHEART” that he picked up on a trip to Michigan, where you can actually buy this sort of thing. Here is San Francisco, “Alpha King” and “Darklord” are only rumors, something you travel to or trade with the Midwest or the Rust Belt to procure. “Blackheart” hasn’t quite reached the same level of national consciousness, most probably because it’s an English-style IPA, and you’re not going to get a lot of keys clacking with that style. But someone shows up at your door with a good-lookin’ beer, there’s only one thing to do. Drink that thing.

We both thought this beer was called “BLACKBEARD”, actually – the font on the bottle is completely discombobulated, leading one to think that think that this sort of tomfoolery is 100% intentional. “Blackheart” is a hoppy yet muted & fruited English-style IPA. It’s super-balanced and a treat to behold. Malty, dry and just a little bit sweet, it’s an American brewer’s take on the considerably more bland English India Pale Ale. Reading online as I did just now that it’s 9% ABV is a big surprise. So that’s why we were babbling incoherently about World War II and the human condition after this and two other big bombers. This may not be quite the style-defining masterpiece that Three Floyds’ flagship “Alpha King” is, but trust me, it’s totally in that league. 8/10.

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Jez said...

Honestly, I had this beer when it first came out, and thought, "Yep, it's everything I dislike about English IPAs, AND I paid $10 for 22 oz of it." I guess I'll have to try it again, but it was at this point, my backyard brewery of Three Floyds became something shitty in my eyes.