Friday, September 23, 2011


There’s a new brewer in the SF Bay Area’s east bay – Concord, California to be exact - called ALE INDUSTRIES, They’ve started to do some serious bottling of their wares,, including RYE’D PIPER, which totally blew me away when I had a small glass of it on draft at City Beer Store last year. Can said lightning also be captured in a bottle? Hmm – well, perhaps. I bought a 22-ouncer of it recently and was again floored – this time not so much in amazement, but by how strong that rye is. There’s no mistaking it. RYE’D PIPER is a bready, toasty, grainy dark brown ale, and even if I wasn’t trained in the black arts of beer dorkery, I’d still be able to tell ya that this tastes like rye bread.

It all ended up even stronger as it warmed, too – maybe even a little too overpowering. It has a fairly strong degree of hopping that was quite good at blending with rich, chocolaty malts, and at 5.8% ABV, I lived to tell the tale. I’m going to knock it down a couple points from lasttime – this year’s model, anyway – but still a respectable, you-better-check-it-out-yourself 7/10.

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Uli said...

Is this the same brewery that brews an Orange Krush? Didn't care for that one at all. This one sounds good.