Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Someone, maybe a “blogger” of some kind, told me that this beer was gonna knock my proverbial socks off. So I bought it. ‘T GAVERHOPKE EXTRA is a 12% ABV Belgian ale from, you know – Belgium. I did a little research of my own writings and found I’ve never had a ‘T GAVERHOPKE beer before. How about that? 
This one is quite tangy, and very much akin to a dubbel. Chewy and sweet – like a liquid Charleston Chew. Well not exactly like that, but you know where I’m going. It looks like a Belgian amber ale, and tastes like a dubbel that’s been doused with a ton of yeast and a thick batch of malts. It got even thicker as it warmed – and then, poof. This little stubby bottle was gone. Can’t say I was thrilled during my brief ride with ‘TGAVERHOPKE EXTRA and would call it a good ‘un, not a great ‘un. 6.5/10.

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