Monday, August 29, 2011


Funny what happens when the hypometer gets rolling. A few weeks ago the Tweets started flyin' about this ANCHORAGE BREWING "WHITEOUT WIT BIER". Local beer stores were announcing that it had just hit the shelf in limited quantitites. Local foodies were pontificating about its greatness in 140 characters or less. I'm unfortunately not immune from this sort of thing. Once that hype train leaves the station, and key words like "limited", "experimental" and "Brettanomyces" start getting thrown around, no doubt I'm going to jump on. My suspicions of its potential greatness were confirmed when I saw it retailed at the Noe Valley Whole Foods - which has a stellar beer selection - at $14.99. At that price, from an unknown Alaskan Brewer no less, it's gotta be amazing, right?

That's what you'd think, anyway. This is a super-pale light yellow witbier, aged in Chardonnay barrels. This aging is obvious in the taste. It's light and fruity, with Sorachi Ace hops to bring a little bitterness. The yeasts are tangy but not think at all. The supposed coriander and peppercorns are there, yet muted almost to the point of imaginary. Same for the "funk" I was led to believe would be there. Gotta be honest, I expected a lot more. This is a white ale with a little bit of a white wine taste to it. That's it. Decent enough but not something to sell a nut for. 6.5/10.


bw said...

i had it for the first time at a american-brewed belgian beer party, with well over 100 different bottles of beer. i'm not sure how many different brews i tried, but this wit beer was in my top 10. but, yeah, $15 is a little steep.

Jay H. said...

BW, I feel like I'm in a decided minority on this one - it's getting a ton of play out there. I guess I can always say "infected bottle" and go buy another one, right?