Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Going to San Francisco Giants home games in 2011 is as good as it’s ever been. Why, you ask? Well for starters we’re the World Champions. (Hey, I only get to say that for 3 more months, bear with me). Secondly, as just as important, we’ve now got this place THE PUBLIC HOUSE right there attached to AT&T Park, where our world champs play. We had it last year as well, but it was only this season that I discovered that patrons are able to travel from the bar/restaurant into the park (with a ticket, of course) and vice-versa. This’d be no big whoop if not for the stellar craft beer selection at The Public House. I kid you not – right this very moment they’ve got draft beers from Russian River; Allagash; The Bruery; Deschutes; Green Flash; North Coast; Firestone Walker and so on. And this at the yard, the ballpark, the place where good beer appetites go to die. Not anymore.

A week ago I traveled out to the ‘ol yard to watch the Giants prostrate themselves before the mighty Pittsburgh Pirates, who were riding a horrific 10-game losing streak before arriving in San Francisco to get themselves right again. So the game was awful – a 5-0 shutout that we left after the sixth inning – but not before taking a trip down the ramp to The Public House, where I ordered up a nice plastic cup full of LAGUNITAS “A LITTLE SUMPIN SUMPIN” imperial wheat ale. See it pictured here – ain’t she a beaut? Man, this beer, despite a fairly high alcohol quotient (7.5% - I guess “high” depends on who you’re askin’), is immensely drinkable, despite a little funk (!) detected in every swallow. Maltiness totally coats the tongue here – it’s a real enveloping sort of taste, and the hop level’s far higher than you might expect in a “wheat” beer – which this may or may not be. They say it is, but you be the judge. Said hops are citrusy and there’s a little bit of honey taste too. If you've ever had the Southern Tier "Heavy Weizen" before, this is right in that league. Like I said, I wasn’t paying attention to the ballgame much so I had all the more room to consider this beer. What I consider it is an eye-poppin’ 9/10.


Mark said...

Wow, and here I thought I was special when I spotted an Anchor Steam and Victory Summer Love at a Phillies game. That's a pretty good lineup of taps you've got there at your ballpark (I was going to say, for a ballpark, but it's actually pretty good, period.)

Jay H. said...

Mark, it's pretty amazing to have around. Inside the ballpark proper a big cup of Anchor Stream is $10, no lie, but in the adjacent Public House a weird-ass micro goes for a mere $6.

Anonymous said...

Must try that one - thanks - actually they haven't made a bad beer yet.