Friday, August 5, 2011


When I’m in a beer store on hostile foreign ground – as I was in Kansas City, Missouri a couple of months ago – I always make a point of grabbing at least one hyper-local thing to stash in my suitcase that I’ve never heard of. You certainly can’t get much more local than DOODLE BREWING out of Liberty, MO. They make exactly one beer, DOODLE DUBBEL, which has the minimalist “my kid could paint that” label you see pictured here, and which may only be sold in the lone store that I purchased it in. Doodle’s website, last updated in 2008, has sophistication one tiny step above a 1997 GeoCities page. By the looks of this site, the brewer packed it in & called it a day a loooong time ago.

And yet! DOODLE DUBBEL is delicious. Was it brewed three years ago or three months ago? Who cares?? It has a nice, classic, semi-opaque malty brown look in the glass, with definite spice in the aroma and a lightness in the taste. Very pleasant – hops are muted up front, malts are a little bit syrupy (as to be expected with this Belgian style), and then the hops really hit on the backbite. It’s even a little waxy on the finish, which lost ‘em a point. DOODLE DUBBEL improved and got even more interesting when the bottle-conditioned sediment starting rising to the top. It gave it more yeasts and a lot more zing. Color me impressed with these guys – and maybe they’ll be the Thomas Pynchon of brewers: out of sight for years, then resurface with some massive new ale that blows everyone away before going underground again to concoct a new stunner. 7.5/10.

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