Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This pound packin’ parcel came in a cardboard box, which is a time-honored craft beermaker trick to juice another $2-3 in markup, and which I fall for all the time. Granted, most boxed bombers usually deserve the self-imposed hype, and certainly cost far more for the brewer to make than your basic pale ale. Me, it’s enough to grab my attention at the very least. And when it’s from New York’s SOUTHERN TIER BREWING, it’s enough to grab a slice of my wallet as well. I bought their OAK-AGED CUVEE SERIES 3 no questions asked. Since this is a blend of their Series 1 and their Series 2, I had to go back to my old blog to find out if I’d ever had one of those – turns out I had.

OAK-AGED CUVEE SERIES 3 is about as mean a drunk as you’re going to get. It’s like a cocktail, weighing in at 11%, and I’d strongly advise you to split it with not two but four people. Had I done that I might have held it in higher regard than I did, which in any case is way higher than these folks have. No, I didn’t drink the entire big boy bottle. Coming in strong on the palate like a glass of burgundy and with very strong alcohol taste, Oak-Aged Cuvee Series 3 is also very sweet in both smell and taste. Vanilla seems to be the dominant flavor here. Syrupy, with no discernable hops at all (which may explain why a blindfolded non-supertaster might even have a problem recognizing this as beer). A little cloying, very full-bodied, and at times approaching something that I’d like to drink again. Not enough to recommend it to all y’all, which is why we’ll score this one a 6/10.

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